Non-denominational sermon idea generator and discussion-starter.

Another week, another sermon…

This app won’t write a sermon for you but it might break you out of your typical thinking and help spark new ways to express timeless thoughts. Shake your phone for a random thought-provoking phrase or swipe for new word combinations. Then think about how the phrase could have a metaphorical meaning or inspire a story. Does it remind you of a religious text or anecdote? What happens when you turn the phrase into a sentence? Think about a person or situation, shake the phone, and see what comes to mind.

Sermonator is non-denominational and can also be used as a tool to jump-start discussions in study groups, Sunday School or when ministering to congregants. Use it to brainstorm new programs or courses. You can make a game out of it for retreats or long bus rides. It’s a great tool for connecting with the youth in your community and breaking the ice during tense or difficult conversations.

No matter what religion you practice or congregation you serve, this simple little app is sure to spark something profound – maybe even divine.